Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TotalAntiSpyware, SysCleaner, WebAntiSpy, Rebrand Software

Rebrand Software is a company who sells empty projects. Some of these products are Security Softwares. Rebrand customers buy a Kit and finalize their new softwares with their own Graphics/Name. Total Antispyware, Sys Cleaner Pro are made with those ready-to-make kits:

Installers screens of SyscCleanerPro, TotalAntispyware, and an Empty Project:

Graphic User Interface (GUI) of TotalAntiSpyware and an Empty Project:

One of the new Rebrand Software product is an HijackThis-Like Software (note the misplaced button bug):

syscleanerpro.com (
av-antispyware.com (
antispylist.com (
addantivirus.com (
antispyme.com (
totalantispyware.com (
totalantispyware.net (
totalantispyware2009.com (
system-cleanerpro.com (

Is Web Antispy going to be the next of these DIY Rogues ? At this time WebAntispy page is hosting TotalAntispyware Rogue.

webantispy.com (

Thanks To Sparsha