Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SiteVillain, LinkSafeness, SecureKeeper

SiteVillain, LinkSafeness, SecureKeeper are fake serurity software (rogues) from the Winisoft family (AntiAID, System Warrior, System Veteran, System Fighter, Block Protector, Block Keeper, Block Scanner, Block Watcher, SoftBarrier, Shield Safeness, Soft Stronghold, Soft Veteran, SoftCop, Soft Soldier, Trust Fighter, Trust Soldier, Safe Fighter, Trust Cop, Secure Warrior, Secure Fighter, Secure Veteran, Security Soldier, Security Fighter, Save Armor, Save Defender, Trust Warrior, Soft Safeness, Safety Keeper, Save Keeper, Quick Heal Cleaner, System Cop, Block Defense, Save Defense, Trust Ninja, Save Soldier, Save Keep, Winishield, Wini Fighter, WiniBlueSoft)

SiteVillain, LinkSafeness, SecureKeeper come from fake online antivirus scanners or fake video codecs. They create random files on the system and detects them as infected. They also display a lot of disturbing warning messages to scare users.