Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Windows Process Regulator

Windows Process Regulator is a fake security application from the same family as: Windows Expansion System, Windows Power Expansion, Windows Simple Protector, Windows Background Protector, Windows Lowlevel Solution, Windows Support System, Windows Emergency System, Windows Efficiency Magnifier, Windows Threats Removing, Windows Remedy, Windows Troubles Remover, Windows Troublesmaker Agent, Windows Servant System, Windows Defence Center, Windows Error Correction, Windows Debug System, Windows Efficiency Manager, Windows Performance Manager, Windows Troubles Analyzer, Windows Processes Organizer, Windows Privacy Agent, Windows Express Settings, Windows Optimal Tool, Windows Safety Guarantee, Windows AV Software, Windows Express Help, Windows User Satellite, Windows Problems Solution, Windows Optimal Settings, Windows Optimal Solution, Windows Care Tool, Windows Wise Protection, Windows Software Guard, Windows Software Protection, Windows Safety Protection, Windows Problems Protector, Windows Problems Remover, Windows Health Center, Windows Shield Center, Windows Antispyware Solution, Windows Risk Eliminator, Windows Universal Tool, Windows Utility Tool, Windows Security & Control, Windows Optimization & Security, Windows System Optimizator, Windows Optimization Center, Privacy Corrector, Privacy Guard 2010. This rogue displays fake warning messages pushing users to buy a license.

If your PC is infected with Windows Process Regulator use MBAM to remove the infection.