Thursday, February 2, 2012

Internet Security

Internet Security is a fake Antivirus tool. It is from the same rogue family as Privacy Protection, Security Protection, Malware Protection, Spyware Protection, Advanced Security Tool 2010, Security Central, Home Personal Antivirus, XP Deluxe Protector, Win PC Antivirus, Win PC Defender, XP Police Antivirus, IE-Security, WinDefender 2009 and Total Secure 2009.

The rogue detects fake infections and prevents legit softwares execution, displaying alert messages to scare users.

To register (and help removal) enter the following serial with any email: Y86REW-T75FD5-U9VBF4A
If your PC is infected with Internet Security use MBAM to remove the infection.

Edit May 14, 2013:
A new version of the rogue was released. Use the following serial to register: Y68REW-T76FD1-U3VCF5A