Friday, May 4, 2012

Windows Pro Web Helper

Windows Pro Web Helper is a fake Antivirus. This rogue displays fake alerts to scare users. It replaces Windows Daily Adviser, Windows Safety Module, Windows High-End Protection, Windows Recovery Series, Windows Safety Checkpoint, Windows Premium Guard, Windows Efficiency Accelerator, Windows Performance Adviser, Windows Pro Rescuer, Windows Safety Toolkit, Windows Antivirus Care, Windows Guard Solutions, Windows Safety Manager, Windows Antivirus Patch, Windows Protection Unit, Windows Crucial Scanner, Windows Foolproof Protector, Windows Antibreaking System, Windows Component Protector, Windows Cleaning Tools, Windows Stability Maximizer, Windows Processes Accelerator, Windows Efficiency Reservoir, Windows Care Taker, Windows Custodian Utility, Windows Shielding Utility, Windows Warding System, Windows Activity Debugger, Windows First-Class Protector, Windows Trouble Taker, Windows Managing System, Windows Defending Center, Windows Debug Center, Windows No-Risk Agent, Windows Software Saver, Windows Antihazard Helper, Windows AntiHazard Center, Windows Process Director, Windows Guardian Angel, Windows Software Keeper, Windows Problems Stopper, Windows Health Keeper, Windows No-Risk Center, Windows Antihazard Solution, Windows Risk Minimizer, Windows Managing System, Windows Safety Tweaker, Windows Tools Patch, Windows Personal Doctor, Windows Personal Detective, Windows Trojans Sleuth, Windows Malware Sleuth, Windows Trojans Inspector, Windows Attacks Defender, Windows Attacks Preventor, Windows Threats Destroyer, Windows Firewall Constructor, Windows Stability Guard, Windows Basic Antivirus, Windows PRO Scanner, Windows Shield Tool, Windows Telemetry Center, Windows Performance Catalyst, Windows Smart Partner, Windows Smart Warden, Windows Functionality Checker, Windows Protection Master

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